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Solutions for a Better Polk County.

A better Polk county starts with everyone in HD 41 having a voice. For too long, our district’s voice has come from big money donors who aren’t interested in helping the people of Haines City, Winter Haven, Davenport, Lake Wales, and all the communities in between. Jared wants everyone at the table to create solutions for sustaining prosperity in our community.

Public Education

Public Education is the BACKBONE of our district, state and country. For too long, Republicans in Tallahassee have embraced policies turning education into an industrial assembly line. We're witnessing a systemic dismantling of the Florida public education system. They've taken education out of the hands of parents, teachers, and principals. Traditional public schools outperform charter, religious and private schools every year, and our public school teachers NEED to get the respect - and pay - they deserve. 


Sustainability and economic success are not mutually exclusive. When people have clean water, they can do great things. Jared’s plan to make Polk county a better place for its people includes making Polk a leader in the sustainability industry. Polk’s 21st century economy must be rooted in green technology – this industry provides living wages and preserves the beauty of Polk county for generations.


Covid-19 has changed everything, and we can clearly see now how disastrous it is to have health insurance linked to your employment. I fully support expanding Medicare in Florida to more families, and making healthcare more affordable and accessible to all Floridians. Health Care is a human right, and that's why universal health care should exist in Florida. 

Affordable Housing

The median monthly income in Polk county is a shade above $2,700 and the average monthly housing cost is $2,000. This is unsustainable. Jared’s plans involve giving the power back to municipalities to require new development to set aside a percentage for affordable housing, and creating new programs to improve abandoned homes and repurpose buildings. The goal: no one in Polk county will choose between putting a roof over their head or feeding their children.

Food Insecurity

Nearly 25% of Polk county residents don’t know where they’re getting their next meal. Improving delivery and funding for non-profits while assisting the school district with distributing meals is vital to our community’s health. How can Polk’s children focus on school when they are constantly fighting the pangs of hunger?


Instead of Ron DeSantis’s Toll Road to Nowhere, let’s spend half the money and make US 27 and CR 17 doubly better for our district’s small businesses. Inefficient road projects like the Toll Road to Nowhere are killing our state. We have the infrastructure; we just need to update for the 21st century.

Living Wages

No one working full time should be struggling to get by. We need to act to raise minimum wage to $15.00 an hour and make life better for all in Polk County. 

Protecting The People

Jared plans to introduce statewide legislation barring workplace and housing discrimination. Currently, it is legal in Florida to not hire or rent to someone based on sexual orientation, gender identity, and age. When everyone has a seat at the table, our community wins.

Jobs For People With Felonies

We need to create more opportunity that’s inclusive to those who have a felony in the past. People make mistakes but it shouldn’t define you for the rest of your life. We need to work with employers to encourage them to offer more jobs to those who may have a non violent criminal record and have since served time and been released. 

Drug Epidemic

Treating addiction is the easiest way for our state to save money. Funding existing programs for people ready to break the cycle of addiction builds a healthier, safer Florida. Jared’s experience assisting these programs gives him the knowledge needed to truly help our citizens instead of paying lip service like Tallahassee currently does.


Improving public transportation in Polk county is imperative. People are not able to get jobs because they can’t get to jobs. Creating a mass transit system benefiting all of Polk county while keeping emissions low allows businesses and workers to thrive.

Amendment 4

Ron DeSantis and his Republican legislators instituted an unconstitutional poll tax in Florida. Our returning citizens are ready to rebuild their lives and give back to society. Our state needs to incentivize businesses to hire returning citizens. Ron DeSantis and his Republican legislators don’t honor the will of the people if it’s politically inconvenient for them. Jared is running to the voice of the people.

Political advertisement paid for and approved by Jared West, Democrat, for Florida House District 41

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